Transe, 30, Norsk, transvestitt


Hun er ikke mann, hun er nesten dame! norsk og engelsk:

I am a fun loving girl. I have my heart on my sleeve always have and always will jajajaja. I give my all and some more to the man I choose… I dont five up east and I know how to put up a fight when needed. I have started my life ove once and i prefer not to do it again. I know what i want in life and i am finding most is hard to find. So far i have what i need only missing a minor detail to be as happy as i want. I love myself as much as i can yet feel lonely most of the time. I dont wanna feel that way any more. I want my life to settle.i have and never will be that “100% girll” but i know how to have fun too in many different ways! I have the dream of a family and thats wfhat i continue to strive for. Family is very important to me too. Ill do anything for my family. Like i have mentioned i have started my life over once and that was due to people judging the way I am .So if you have read this far please shoot me a message if its just to say hi or be a friend.. ?? have a great one

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